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building mathematical foundations

Building Mathematical Foundations

A guide for families of young children from the Kentucky Center for Mathematics

doing mathematics with your child

Doing Mathematics with Your Child

This article presents resources that will enable parents to fulfill their responsibility for developing their children’s abilities to do mathematics, while at the same time encouraging more positive attitudes toward mathematics.

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Strength-Based Mathematics Learning: A Tool Kit for Families

The strengths-based mathematics approach benefits all students, including those who repeatedly have difficulty in mathematics, those who sometimes need support, multilingual learners, those with specific learning challenges, and those who may not exhibit difficulties with learning but instead relish challenge. In other words, strengths-based instruction supports all students to recognize their value, develop an identity as a competent learner, increase their confidence, and engage in learning with clarity and purpose.


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A Family's Guide: Fostering Your Child's Success in School Mathematics cost money

This award-winning guide summarizes what today’s mathematics classroom is like, offers tips on how family members can help their children have a positive attitude and enjoy mathematics, and presents practical ways to discuss and do math at home together during everyday activities.

Adding Parents to the Equation book cover

Adding Parents to the Equation: Understanding Your Child's Elementary School Math cost money

Struggling to understand their young child's math homework may be a challenge parents didn't see coming. Elementary mathematics is taught dramatically differently than it was when most adults were in school, and this can be stressful for parents trying to help their children complete assignments or practice skills at home. With this book as a guide, parents and children can now discover the world of mathematics together in a truly meaningful way. (Booklist)

helping your child with mathematics

Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics
 cost money

Activity booklet from the U.S. Department of Education.

Math Fact Fluency book cover

Math Fact Fluency: 60+ Games and Assessment Tools to Support Learning and Retention cost money

Jennifer Bay-Williams and Gina Kling explain the importance of basic math fact fluency in a child's mastery of mathematics. The games provided help students explore strategies and become efficient at using them all while having fun.


achieve the core

Achieve the Core

Resources which have been compiled for parents and community members seeking to learn more about the Common Core State Standards.

adding parents video series

Adding Parents Video Series

Parents are a child's most influential teacher. Learn how mathematics is taught today, the why of it, and, most importantly, embrace the context and content of your child's mathematical journey. Let's start Adding Parents to the Equation!

Mom and Dad are learning heroes

Be a Learning Hero

Every parent can be a learning hero. You've got what it takes — you know your child best. But even superheroes need a team. We're here to help you along the way — with simple actions to help your child reach his or her goals.

california math council

California Math Council - Math at Home Guides

The Math at Home parent guide to mathematics education is available in editions for PreK or K-12, and in either English or Spanish. This document, written expressly for parents and guardians of PreK and K-12th grade children, presents straightforward information, suggestions, and resources for those who wish to better understand the importance of mathematics and the role they can play in their children's learning of this critical subject.

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Kentucky Academic Standards

The Kentucky Academic Standards contain the minimum required standards that all Kentucky students should have the opportunity to learn before graduating from Kentucky high schools. The standards address what is to be learned, but do not address how learning experiences are to be designed or what resources should be used.

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Math Skills & Milestones

Early math skills are crucial for the academic success and development of children. Ensure your child is meeting the age-appropriate math milestones and help nurture the development of early math skills with these tips, resources, activities and games.

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National Center for Families Learning

We all face challenges in helping our children succeed. The National Center for Families Learning believes that all parents—regardless of socioeconomic or educational level—can help their children succeed in school and life.

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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Figure This!

The Figure This! website, hosted by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, provides resources to help families enjoy mathematics outside school through a series of fun and engaging, high-quality challenges.

parents count too

Parents Count Too

Effective partnerships in numeracy education develop from good communication. A range of pamphlets has been developed outlining activities that be used at home to support mathematics learning at school.