Kentucky Family Math Resources


Children are unique and that includes how they think about math. At the Kentucky Center for Mathematics, we encourage students to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. We invite you to explore the pages below for resources, games, and books that will engage your child in fun and educational ways.

Children love to play! Click this box to find KCM developed activities and printables as well as some of our favorite board games.

Games and Printables

From helping hungry pirates to taking a trip to the deep, blue sea, interactive computer games can be a fun way for children to experience mathematics. Click this box for a sampling of online games that have earned the KCM seal of approval.

Online Activities

Looking for ways to empower your child to succeed with mathematics? Click this box to check out these books, websites and articles for great tips and information.

Strategies for Success

The KCM exists to support high-quality teaching and learning of mathematics. Click this box for additional information specifically for educators.

Information for Teachers