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About Us

The KCM (Kentucky Center for Mathematics) is a leader in the evolution of mathematics teaching and learning.

We support diverse teacher and student populations across the Commonwealth. KCM facilitates the development of mathematical fluency for improving student success and enhancing the enjoyment of mathematics.

We believe mathematical proficiency is a gateway skill necessary for success in school and career. We advocate for teaching focused on the development of mathematical fluency through research based methods. We empower teachers to become professional learners and better decision-makers for improving student success.

Develop Teacher-Leaders

Empowered teachers lead to empowered students. KCM equips teachers to become confident decision-makers who employ research-based tools and strategies to improve student achievement in mathematics.

Foster Learning Communities

Passion is contagious. KCM brings educators together to share knowledge, strategies, and resources in a supportive environment growing their expertise and passion for mathematics education.

Share and Create Resources

Best practice relies on applying the right tools. KCM provides professional learning experiences and instructional tools that are research-based and aligned with the standards for mathematical practice.

Advance Knowledge

Research provides the building blocks for knowledge. KCM values, conducts, and disseminates mathematics education research to strengthen the foundation for educational practice and policy.

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Kentucky Center For Mathematics

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