Bingo Addition (12-20)

I can count on to find the total within 20.

KNP # A 3321.3 - Bingo Addition (12-20), Green
Fluency Standard: 2.OA.2
Standard: 1.OA.5,    1.NBT.2,    1.OA.6,

Materials: Bingo Boards filled with numerals 12-20, Bingo covers, double 10 frame cards 11 to 14 (several of each), numeral cube 1 to 6


1. Each player should have a Bingo board (12-20) and covers.

2. Also get double 10 frame cards (11-14) and numeral cube 1-6.

3. Player 1 rolls the cube, draws a card and tells the total. All players cover the total.

4. Players take turns rolling the die, drawing a card and telling the total. Each time all players cover the total.

5. Players continue taking turns, the first player to have a Bingo wins. 


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